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B.C.W.Lumber & PlywoodBrantford, Ontario

Exotic Wood

African Mahogany 


-Pale pink to deep reddish brown in colour

-Commonly used for boats, trim, veneer, plywood

-Moderately durable, susceptible to insects 

-4/4    $7.00 BDFT

-8/4    $8.00 BDFT



-Light yellowish-brown, sometimes with pink hues, tends to darken with age

-Good for making furniture 

-Not rot resistant, only good for interior use

-$7.00 BDFT


Aromatic Cedar


-Reddish brown with yellowish sapwood running throughout the board

-Commonly used for lining closets and chests, outdoor furniture, bird houses, interior and exterior projects

-Very durable, rot and insect resistant even when left unfinished

-$6.00 BDFT



Black Heart


-Very dark with light sapwood, a very light grain texture

-Used for musical instruments, turned objects, accent pieces 

-Rot resistant however moderately resistant to insects and borers

-$25 BDFT



Black Limba 


-Light and dark colouring with black streaks throughout 

-Good for furniture, cutting boards, turned objects, interior projects 

-Not rot or insect resistant 

-$10.00 BDFT



Blood Wood 


-Bright red, can darken over time with light exposure 

-Good for furniture, carving, inlay, instruments

-Very durable and resistant to insects 

-$14 BDFT 


Brazilian Hickory


-Light to medium brown with reddish hues, grain is generally straight with occasional waves 

-Good for tool handles, flooring, accent pieces 

-Very durable, among the hardest and strongest of the woods

-$9.90 BDFT



Cabreuva Santos


-Variation in colour with red and light brown colours running through the boards, tends to turn more red/purple with age

-Good for flooring, furniture, trim, exterior use

-Very durable, rot resistant, mixed reviews about insect resistant

-$10.00 BDFT




-Variation in colour, light yellow-orange with some darker streaking through the boards 

-Commonly used for outdoor furniture, boats, turned objects, cabinetry 

-Very durable, rot resistant, resistant to termites and insects  

-$12 BDFT




- Varies in colour, bright reds, purplish brown, with dark lines down the board

-Commonly used for fine furniture, accecent pieces, musical instruments

-Very durable, rot resistant, mixed reviews on resistance to insects 

-$16.75 BDFT





-Reddish brown in colour, sometimes with contrasting darker brown or black stripes 

-Good for flooring, decking, exterior lumber, tool handles and other turned items

-Very durable, rot resistant, insect resistant 





-Reddish brown in colour, beautiful grain 

-Good for wood turning, tool handles

-Rot resistant good for interior or exterior use 




-Reddish brown with flecking, which results in a lace like pattern 

-Good for interior use, furniture, musical instruments, turned objects 

-Not durable and is susceptible to insect attacks, workability is good, takes stains and glue well 

-$17 BDFT



Olive Wood


-Creamy yellow, with dark brown streaking, grain can be wavy or curly 

-Commonly used for high end furniture, specialty wood items

-Moderately durable to perishable, interior use would be recommended 

-$15 BDFT


Osage Orange


-Golden yellow, with reds and oranges throughout, darkens with age

-Good for cutting boards, turning objects, handles for tools, and years ago was used for wagon wheels because of its durability

-Extremely rot resistant and durable

-$12.50 BDFT





-Vibrant reddish orange with some lighter and darker streaking, will darken over time 

-Good to be used for furniture,accent pieces, cutting boards, charcuterie boards, the options are endless

-Rot and insect resistant, good for interior and exterior use

-4/4 $12 BDFT

-8/4 $13 BDFT


Purple Heart 


-Purple in colour, this will darken with age and exposure to light 

-Good for turned objects, furniture, cutting boards, and many other specialty items 

-Very durable against rot decay and insect attacks  

-4/4 $11.00 BDFT 

-8/4 $12.00 BDFT



-Golden to reddish brown in colour, tends to darken with age 

-Good for turned objects, furniture, cabinetry, boat building, instruments, and other small crafts 

-Ranges from moderately durable to very durable in regards to rot resistance 

                                            -$8.00 BDFT


Spanish Cedar 


-Reddish brown in colour, nice aroma

-Good for humidors, musical instruments, jewelry boxes, small projects  

-Durable to moderately durable for exterior use, excellent weathering characteristics 

-$9.00 BDFT




-Medium brown with reddish hues and black streaks

-Good for furniture, small objects, musical instruments, veneers

-Very hard, durable wood, rot and termite resistant 

-$20.00 BDFT

-4/4 & 8/4 

Zebra Wood 


- Light brown or cream colour with dark streaks vaguely resembling zebra stripes

-Good for tool handles, furniture, accent pieces 

-Durable, good for interior use, good for exterior use if sealed well 

- $20.00 BDFT 


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